Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Hello Everyone,

This is Erica and welcome to our newlywed blog.  As of now, June 7th, I am still a single lady, but not for much longer.  Our June 25th wedding day is quickly approaching and like every bride, I am getting a little nervous but super excited to be marrying my best friend Matthew!

So one of the questions that I always get is, how did you decided on a wedding date?  Actually, choosing our wedding date was very easy.  On June 25th, it will be our four-year dating anniversary and what better anniversary present than getting married!  In addition, Matt and I have this little joke that I made remembering dates easy on him because as of now, the only dates that he will have to remember are my birthday and our wedding/dating anniversary.  (By the way, he propose on my birthday, so that's another easy date for him as well.)

Wedding planning has been everything that every bride and groom make it seem out to be.  It has been fun, tiring, exciting, frustrating, and emotionally draining.  I joke all the time if I would have had $2000 more in our budget, I totally would have hired a wedding planner.  Luckily for me, Matthew has been completely wonderful.  He has been totally hands on and has done a ton just to make sure that our wedding is as perfect as it can be.

So why did we decide to write about our experiences as newlyweds?  Well, I am not exactly sure.  One day, I was thinking about things that I could do with my free time and blogging popped into my head.  I talked to Matt about this idea and he was totally supportive and told me that all he wanted was for me to be happy and if writing about our experiences as newlyweds made me happy, then I should do it...and that is how the birth of this blog began.

Like Matt wrote on his about him, this blog is not scripted!!! It contains our true experiences as a marriage and with every adventure in life, our marriage is an adventure.  There are days in which we are going to be sad, frustrated, upset and angry but there are going to be other days in which we are going to laugh, smile, be happy and enjoy every moment that the Lord, Jesus Christ is giving us.

With Love and Until Next Time,